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Online Courses

covering a wide variety of topics related to trauma healing

Our online courses are led by people with firsthand experience and expertise in trauma and mental health challenges. Each course includes video content and workbook materials and can be completed on your own or with a small group.


to help you build better coping skills and reduce symptoms

LifeGuides provide practical, step-by-step guidance to overcome challenges commonly associated with trauma. Each LifeGuide walks you through a proven path  to tackle whatever trauma throws at you.

Virtual Support Groups

to connect with others who are healing

Sign in and join one of our private virtual support groups. The connections you make within these groups will help provide the ongoing support needed to keep moving forward.

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That’s where we come in. The MyREBOOT platform is an ideal solution for churches, businesses, retreat centers, clinics, and content creators who want to help people experience lasting healing.

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Our Library

Whether you are looking to help someone else heal or are seeking help for yourself, your membership grants you unlimited access to our growing library of online courses, LifeGuide e-books, daily challenges, and small group trainings.

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Click through the resources below to explore our MyREBOOT content library.

Bulletproof Marriage Masterclass

Bulletproof your marriage and make it as great as it can be. Former law enforcement officer Adam Davis leads you through this online, six-session video course designed to help first responder and military couples build more resilient marriages.

Getting Past Your Past

Unresolved trauma gets in the way of healing, and if left unresolved, can have a harmful ripple effect, spilling into other areas of your life. Our partners at Fresh Hope lead you through a video series designed to help you see how working through your past trauma can be the key that leads to wellness.

Grit Doesn't Just Happen

There are several key elements you need in order to heal from trauma. One of them is resilience or what we like to call “GRIT.” This five-article series will help you understand why it’s necessary, how it helps, and how to get it.

Healed: A Faith-Based Approach to Healing from Sexual Assault

Healing from sexual abuse is possible. In Healed., Kirby Bewley provides perspective and hope to those who may have received confusing messages from society about an experience of sexual assault.

How to Help a Suicidal Friend

If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, you can step in and make a huge difference. This LifeGuide will help you respond with confidence to a friend or loved one in need of help.

Motivated: The "Get It Done" Challenge

No more sitting on the sidelines! This 14 day challenge will motivate you and inspire you to get “un-stuck.” Fun daily video challenges will make you laugh while leading you out of isolation, depression, and time-wasting behavior. Get it done!

Overcome Academy

Overcome Academy shows your small group and prayer team leaders exactly how to help someone who is dealing with trauma or mental health challenges. 

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

Burned out from helping out? This LifeGuide includes practical steps and solutions to help caregivers take better care of their own mental and emotional health.

REBOOT Advance

For REBOOT graduates – REBOOT Advance is our next-level small group study designed to equip you with the training and tools needed to take the next steps in your healing journey with confidence.

REBOOT Recovery: Crisis Edition

This five-part video course will help you understand, cope with, and move forward from COVID-19 or whatever crisis or trauma you may be facing.

REBOOT SIX: First Responders

REBOOT SIX: First Responders is a six-part video course that will help you find healing from the aftereffects of service-related trauma. This course is designed to help anyone who responds in times of crisis, including those in the law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency communications, corrections, and healthcare communities.

REBOOT SIX: Military Edition

REBOOT SIX: Military Edition is a six-part video course that will give you the tools to begin healing from the unseen moral and spiritual injuries of military service. This course is specifically designed to help veterans and active duty service members.

Sleep Better Tonight

Do you have trouble falling sleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep? Poor sleep is an unfortunate side effect of many health issues and the cause of many others. But you can do something about it! Learn how a few easy tweaks to your routine can help improve your sleep and your overall health.