Sleep Better Tonight

Do you have trouble falling sleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep? Poor sleep is an unfortunate side effect of many health issues and the cause of many others. But you can do something about it! Learn how a few easy tweaks to your routine can help improve your sleep and your overall health.

How did you sleep last night?

Many of us don’t sleep well, and this lack of sleep negatively impacts our overall health. Adding some kind of underlying health condition to the equation, like chronic pain, only makes it harder to sleep. The less sleep we get, the more stressful trying to get quality sleep becomes. It becomes a burden to us.

Consequently, inadequate rest ends up affecting those in our circle of influence, like our family, friends and coworkers. Poor sleep may negatively impact our focus and productivity. It can take a toll on our marriages. And it can lead to poor decisions to self-medicate with pills or alcohol.

This doesn’t have to be your new normal, though.

In this LifeGuide, you’ll learn tips you may not have considered that will help you improve your sleep and, as a result, improve your overall quality of life. Read on for proven strategies to help you sleep better tonight! 

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