Getting Past Your Past

Our partners at Fresh Hope lead you through a video series designed to help you see how working through your past trauma can be the key that leads to wellness.

Nobody likes to look in the rear view mirror after a tough or hurtful experience. But unresolved trauma gets in the way of healing, and if left unresolved, can have a harmful ripple effect, spilling into other areas of your life.

In this video series by our partners at Fresh Hope, we’ll help you take a deeper look into aspects of your life affected by past trauma, including anger, unforgiveness and shame, and we’ll help you discover how working through these areas can not only help you heal but can help others around you as well. God can redeem your suffering if you open yourself up and let Him.

The way you frame your trauma in your own mind has a significant impact on your healing. Join us step by step as we walk through a healthy and helpful process for addressing your pain and getting past your past.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Sessions