Overcome Academy

Overcome Academy shows your small group and prayer team leaders exactly how to help someone who is dealing with trauma or mental health challenges. 

Train your team to help people overcome trauma and mental health challenges.

We’ve got a serious problem. Americans are at a breaking point when it comes to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Yet many Christians aren’t responding to those who have gone through trauma.

And the primary reason we aren’t doing more to help is that we don’t believe we’re qualified to help. After all, it’s one thing to feed a hungry mouth or clean up a local park, but mental health? That’s best left to the professionals. Right?

This belief leads us to defer to “outside experts” to handle the heavy stuff. But in doing so, we the Church are losing our voice to help the hurting.

Think of it this way – not everyone can be a heart surgeon, but we can all learn CPR to help save a life.  The same is true when it comes to helping those who have faced a traumatic experience.

While very few of us are called to be certified counselors, everyone should have the basic training needed to respond to someone who is dealing with tragedy, mental health struggles, abuse, or trauma – especially Christians.

Overcome Academy will equip you to know how to respond with confidence to hurting friends and family. 

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  • 6 Sessions