Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

Burned out from helping out? This LifeGuide includes practical steps and solutions to help caregivers take better care of their own mental and emotional health.

It seems strange that being nurturing, patient, selfless and empathetic could be someone’s downfall, doesn’t it? Whether an individual has chosen to work in a caregiving profession or has full-time caregiver responsibilities, these traits are highly desirable and are markers of a good caregiver.

How then does someone of this nature transform into a lackluster, withdrawn, and irritable person? Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself, or you know a caregiver who’s going through this right now?

The purpose of this LifeGuide is to help you:

  1. Understand what compassion fatigue and burnout are, and know the similarities and differences between them 
  1. Recognize the warning signs and identify who is susceptible
  1. Prevent and/or overcome compassion fatigue and burnout
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Course Includes

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