Brave Love Relationship Course

Has your relationship suffered from trauma? Have military service, work as a first responder, or life events like injuries or death brought fear into your life in a whole new way? No matter how trauma may have torn apart your relationship, you can find healing and experience joy and peace again. Let Brave Love help you thrive after trauma.

Relationships are hard enough.

Adding trauma into the mix makes it even harder to maintain a thriving relationship. It can make you want to just give up.

That’s where Brave Love comes in.

Even if you’ve tried everything, we can help you rise above that trauma to heal, rebuild and go from surviving to thriving. Because after all you’ve been through, love should win, right?

We’re Sarah and John Dale, and we’re excited to be able to help you learn from our own personal experiences of facing trauma and coming through it stronger. In this six lesson course, we’ll teach you our step by step process to heal your relationship after trauma.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Sessions