REBOOT Advance

For REBOOT graduates – REBOOT Advance is our next-level small group study designed to equip you with the training and tools needed to take the next steps in your healing journey with confidence.

Take the next steps in your healing journey.

Introducing REBOOT Advance, our NEW next-level small group study for REBOOT course graduates!

At REBOOT, we uphold that God is the ultimate Healer. So, anything that enhances your relationship with God will naturally optimize your healing journey and better equip you to support the healing of others.

REBOOT Advance is designed to do just that. This 12-week video-based study builds upon the concepts introduced during your initial REBOOT course and examines a number of foundational Biblical principles to help you continue your momentum and grow in spiritual maturity, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Topics covered include:

  • The link between training and resilience
  • Confirming your connection with God
  • Understanding and overcoming ongoing struggles with sin
  • Gaining a functional grasp of who God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are
  • Is the Bible true and why should it be trusted?
  • Increasing your confidence in prayer as a key element in healing
  • Becoming a “Bridge” between the traumatized and the Healer
  • Spiritual warfare – understanding and countering our enemy’s strategies and tactics

Overcoming trauma is not only about healing from the wounds of your past, but it’s also about preparing and strengthening yourself for the challenges of the future. REBOOT Advance will equip you with the training and tools you’ll need in order to take the next steps in your healing journey with confidence.

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REBOOT Advance is intended for use in a small group setting, with one participant designated as a group facilitator to help keep your meetings on track. However, the course can also be completed as an individual self-study if you’re not in a position to be able to connect with other REBOOT graduates. 

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Course Includes

  • 13 Sessions